Satish Patil, Fairmont Dubai Satish Patil, Fairmont Dubai

Sustainability at the forefront with Fairmont Dubai

Fairmont Dubai’s engineering team, headed by its director of engineering, Satish Patil, has been spearheading a number of changes to ensure a better bottom-line for the property. Patil, who was named Hotel Engineer of the Year at the Hotelier Middle East Awards in 2017, has been part of the hotel’s team since pre-opening and has identified many opportunities to innovate.

He implemented a strategy for water collection, recycling and usage for irrigation by reconstructing the AC system in 394 guest rooms. The project saved AED 44,000 ($12,000) per month and 3,088 litres of water during the past 12 months, which was used for watering the garden and all plants in the hotel premises. Energy costs have been reduced by AED 450,000 ($122,500) in the past 12 months, compared with the  same period previous year, as the engineering team introduced an AC fine-tuning technology across all the hotel’s air-handling units, including 19 meeting rooms.

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As there is a laundry unit for 400 colleagues in the colleague accommodation, all the water from dry cleaning and washing is re-directed and recycled by a filtration system, and then used for a 1,855 sq m organic vegetable garden irrigation. Water savings reflect in 1.4m litres, which equals to savings in AED 91,000 ($25,000) total per year. All hotel lights were to LED and water saver taps implemented with automatic sensors across all public area and back-of-house washrooms.

 “All these projects have contributed to reduce the carbon footprint and to bring down the energy consumption and across the hotel’s 394 guestrooms, 95 apartment units and 93 offices, resulting in annual savings of AED 5 million ($1.36m) – and all that without compromising on guest experience,” says Patil.